Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Town

The Waldo Canyon Fire + Near Manitou Springs, CO
Photo by Mark Copelin (Pastor Jeff's Brother in Law)

My home towns, Manitou Springs and Cascade, CO were evacuated this past weekend because of a fire that is still 0% contained. My parents and a sister and brother in law still live there. This morning I wake up emotionally exhausted, because, well, it is still my home town, where I grew up as a kid, where I hiked and fished with my best friend, kissed my first girlfriend, began to figure out who I was, drove my first car, was confirmed, graduated from High School....the list goes on.

Fire has a way of purifying things. Sure it destroys, but it also opens up and burns away the dross. So this weekend and now during this time away I'll be thinking about what is really important and what, perhaps, needs to be burnt up and away. In the mountains, carrying that heavy pack, with not very many things, I'll be thinking about "home."


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  1. " Oh may I always laugh and sing beneath God's clear blue sky "

    May your family and all have an immediate miraculous clearing of the skies